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Riyder Lor origin version
This is my original design for my oc Riyder. Old drawing just wanted to post it to show another version of Riyder.

Hope you like it,
~ Rone ~
Riyder Lor
This is my one and only vampire OC. As a former prince of Mesopotamia, from before the time of Moses, Riyder is one of if not the oldest vampire in his world and most powerful. Before he was cursed to become a vampire Riyder was chosen by the Lilith to be one of their lovers and in a form of revenge killed the Lilith that chose him. While he killed her Riyder was not only blinded but also cursed to become a vampire. In order to cope with his new life Riyder filled it with destruction, war, and lust. It wasn't long before he became like the Lilith himself, not only taking both female and male lovers only to kill them when he got bored but also waging war on any land he could. This was how he got the title Dread Lord of Darkness, which was remember by humans up untill that fear was replaced by the fear of Dracula, but unlike the humans the world of the supernatural never forgot who Riyder Lor was. It was during the time of the Anchent Greeks Riyder was imprisoned and sealed only to be freed in the year 1932 by Jynx Black-Sword. In an act of gratitude and in an attempt to redeem himself for all the acts of horror he'd committed Riyder swor himself into Jynx's service to help prevent apocalypse size events and at the same time growing attached to the man that freed him.

Hope you like it,
~ Rone ~
Ace of Clubs
This oc is connected to Jessy Black through a gang of killers known as Circus where Ace is the leader. His real name is Ace Burns, and he has a history with Eyeless jack before he became a creepypasta. I plan to wright a story for the creepypasta sight using Ace, and I'm currently working on a Watt Pad story involving the creepypasta using Ace and his gang Circus.

Hope you like it,
~ Rone~
Saints of Los Angeles
The civilian/ younger versions of my Oc's Lucifer and Ronen. They both contrast each other with how Lucifer is dressed properly in what could be a school uniform while Ronen appears to be more of a street punk. Lucifer is using his blood magic and Ronen is using shadows/necromancy. This is named after

Hope you all like it,
Flur de Kidney
Aperently this looks like wallpaper? Anyhow hears an Eyeless Jack fan art focusing on his mask and a kidney.

Hope you like it,
Just a short shout out to every one, happy Valentine's Day, hope you all got lots of love if not me and my characters/Oc's are all giving out free hugs.😊 Stay happy.

~See ya~


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Mika Pitre
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I live around animals and the outdoors, my hobbies are many (some can be seen with my art and other stuff), what I do can sometimes affect my art, like determining which of my OC's I will draw or if I do something totally different. Most my characters are based on story's i'v come up with, or are designed for fan fiction that I might one day wright .
Most of my art will be original if not then what I come up with will probably be based on a movie, book, anime, or something else.




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